Arro Named Best US Public Relations and Communications Firm by ETF Express


Our comprehensive approach encompasses branding, public relations, advertising, and content generation so that you only have to hire one agency.

While there are plenty of marketing and ad agencies specializing in financial services, no one else offers a one-stop-shop.


Brand imagery and messaging should reflect the very essence of a company. At Arro, we determine the best way to communicate your values and personality to a larger audience. Financial firms of the 21st century need to differentiate themselves from the rest because staid, traditional imagery will no longer suffice.

  • Corporate + product branding
  • Messaging platform
  • Audience profile
  • Website design
  • Website coding + hosting
  • Marketing collateral


Public relations is vital to any marketing campaign. By maintaining healthy working relationships with the financial press, Arro helps its clients build and maintain a solid reputation that investors can trust.
  • Media relations plan
  • Press releases
  • Story telling
  • Thought leadership
  • Speaking opportunities at conferences
  • Philanthropic partnerships


The trend in advertising and search has overwhelmingly tended toward targeted online campaigns. From digital banner ads to ticker-targeted campaigns and SEO and SEM initiatives, Arro harnesses the power of information technology to get your message in front of the people that matter: prospective investors.

  • Digital advertising strategy
  • Digital Marketing for Financial Services
  • Advertising design
  • Media buying
  • Mobile
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Metrics + ROI reporting


As consumers have grown more discerning, they've become increasingly suspicious of overt advertising. By providing prospective investors with useful information - whether through white papers, informative videos, or research pieces - we can help you boost your firm's visibility in appropriate social media channels and the financial press while bolstering your company's image as a thought leader in the spaces.
  • Social media strategy
  • Research pieces
  • Bylined articles
  • Infographics
  • Email campaigns
  • Videos
  • Philanthropic partnerships


Website visitors have increasingly short attention spans, and may be unwilling to dive into lengthy “walls of text” before they know what product or service your company is offering. Animated videos can play a key role in hooking website visitors by delivering the most important information in a quick, entertaining, easily digestible manner.

  • ETF Explainers
  • Educational Content
  • Introductory Primers
  • Company Profiles