With all of the focus on bleeding-edge marketing mediums (think social media influencers, virtual reality experiences, interactive games, and other “next-big-thing” technologies), you could be forgiven for thinking that email marketing is dead and buried—it’s not; email marketing is alive and kicking, and still offers many advantages that other media channels still simply can’t match. For one, your email list is completely under your control: no paying gatekeepers or content providers to place your content. Email marketing can also be incredibly economical: sending emails remains very reasonably priced—free—and email marketing suites, while not free, are typically not budget-busters by any stretch. Finally, emails can provide a direct line of communication to your customers; their open rates often reach 18%, which is much more than you can say for social media posts (open rates on social media usually average a measly 0.03 to 0.07%). It’s clear that email marketing is here to stay. What follows are some key strategies for taking your email marketing to the next level.