Arro Named Best US Public Relations and Communications Firm by ETF Express

Asset Management Communications

Arro Financial Communications is a full service creative agency specializing in both marketing and communications. We offer the best PR for asset management, ETFs, mutual funds and the broader financial services industry. Our public relations expertise helps our clients to communicate about their products and services while establishing them as experts in their fields.

At Arro, we often refer to our PR approach as “earned media”. What does that mean?

Earned media represents content that is garnered through word-of-mouth or strategic public relations endeavors. It is written or spoken content that an entity earns through noteworthy actions, subject matter expertise and thought leadership. Specifically it means content published by third-party sources without financial compensation. Examples include journalistic articles, guest appearances on television, radio, podcasts or webcasts, or published editorial pieces.

Because earned media coverage is not something that can be bought, it is a highly important part of communications for asset managers. An important piece of any robust marketing campaign, it adds credibility that paid-for marketing efforts can not. In comparison to paid advertising or advertorial content, it also tends to be an economical option as well.

How do we do it?

Arro has a network of deep and well-established working relationships with the financial press. By consistently delivering top-tier knowledge and interesting takes on timely topics to our reporters, we have established a reputation for delivering high quality sources. In turn, this helps our clients generate high quality coverage. Consistent coverage over time builds and maintains brand recognition and a solid reputation that investors can trust.

Our process includes identifying target audiences and overarching messages, announcing major milestones in the form of press releases, pitching feature stories on topics that showcase each client’s area of expertise, and curating coverage reports to identify return on investment.

Services Available through Arro’s PR Retainer Plans:

  • Media relations plan
  • Media training
  • Audience identification
  • Media list building
  • Press release writing and distribution
  • Story telling
  • Thought leadership
  • Speaking opportunities at conferences