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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is any form of written, oral or visual communication that helps to communicate your value. Examples include blogs, editorial or opinion pieces, whitepapers, primers, factsheets, pitch decks, videos and infographics.

The purpose of creating content is to communicate about your product and establish your credibility. For example, an educational blog or opinion piece can showcase your subject matter expertise, which helps to establish thought leadership. Likewise, a video or infographic can help to communicate what your product is and why it’s valuable in a succinct way that makes it easy for potential buyers to understand.

The problem with content creation is that it is terribly time consuming and requires very specific skill sets - namely excellent writing skills, design and animation. Subject matter experts might have in-depth knowledge but not the time or inclination to write a primer or a whitepaper. Even a short form blog might prove challenging without a place to start.

At Arro, content marketing is one of our specialties. With a keen knowledge of the ETF, asset management and broader financial services ecosystem, we keep track of the latest trends and topics and know just what your prospective clients and buyers are interested in.

Our astute team of financial writers come from journalistic and analyst backgrounds. Likewise, our design team has worked on creative content for many of the world’s biggest asset managers, mutual fund and ETF providers over the past 20 years. We offer the highest quality writing and design services, coupled with industry expertise, ensuring that the content we create for you is thoughtful, insightful and expertly executed.

You are capitalizing on efficiencies of knowledge and market expertise, and simultaneously, professional writing and creative design skills. This allows you to generate high level content without taxing your internal resources.

Services Available:

  • Blogs
  • One Pagers
  • Primers
  • Brochures
  • Pitch Decks
  • Investment cases
  • Factsheets
  • Infographics (static)
  • Interactive Infographics
  • Animated Videos
  • Social Media Copy