Arro Named Best US Public Relations and Communications Firm by ETF Express


KAIROS Investment Management


KIMC, a real estate investment company focused on sustainable, impact-centric investing and affordable housing, wanted to draw attention to Kimpact, its flagship real estate investment impact fund.


Arro conducted a thorough messaging session, mapping out potential PR topics and themes, with the goal of establishing KIMC spokespeople as thought leaders in the impact real investment space. Arro also launched a regular blogging initiative, collaborating with KIMC experts to produce timely think pieces on impact investing and the broader real estate investment landscape. 


KIMC’s spokespeople have been featured and quoted in more than two dozen pieces—including real estate industry-focused publications such as Globe Street, Real Estate Fund Intelligence, and National Real Estate Investor—and institutional investor media outlets such as Pensions and Investments. They also won Globe Street’s Influencers in Multifamily Real Estate Award in 2019. Arro’s monthly blogs on KIMC’s behalf have further broadened the firm’s reach and established them as a thought leader in the real estate impact investing space.