Arro Named Best US Public Relations and Communications Firm by ETF Express




As a boutique financial services firm that specializes in custom index creation, Indxx came to Arro with the challenge of raising awareness for their product suite catering to global ETF issuers and fund managers looking to develop novel benchmarks for products.


Arro engaged in a thorough top-to-bottom messaging session, collaborating closely with members of the Indxx team to fine-tune the firm’s public-facing messaging. In doing so, Arro outlined a strategy that sought to reach Indxx’s target audience through pitching efforts and press releases based on their in-house research, licensing agreements and index suite.


In pursuing the strategy, Arro’s concentrated PR campaign helped align Indxx spokespeople as experts in their field, offering a unique point of view within the ETF ecosystem, as service providers and a truly global entity with products licensed to various issuers listed on international exchanges. On behalf of Indxx, Arro was able to coordinate features and media mentions in leading financial media outlets such as Barron’s, Wealth Briefing, various ETF trade publications as well as region-specific platforms such as the Ignites Asia, AsiaInvestor and the Arabian Post. The Indxx spokesperson was also featured on radio, podcast and web programs such as Bloomberg Radio, ValueWalk and, respectively. As of 1/27/23, Indxx has over 115 products tied to over $15 billion in assets under management.