Arro Named Best US Public Relations and Communications Firm by ETF Express


Change Finance


A newcomer to the ETF industry, Change Finance needed help making a big splash with the launch of their first product, an ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)-focused fund, The Diversified Impact U.S. Large Cap Fossil Fuel Free ETF (CHGX). Change Finance sought to stand out from the crowded ESG space and draw attention to their fund’s unique selling point, its utilization of diversified impact screens.

In a subsequent campaign, Change Finance sought to draw attention to a shareholder initiative on pay equity, targeting large companies in their ETF holdings.


Arro initiated a comprehensive, bottom-up messaging plan, identifying core value propositions as well as key educational hurdles for Change Finance’s target audience. Arro leveraged the detailed internal messaging plan to craft PR pitches that resonated with journalists within a variety of subject verticals, including ESG, FA, and retail. When it came to publicizing Change Finance’s pay equity shareholder initiative, Arro worked closely with Change Finance to draft a press release that would resonate with the financial press while clearly communicating the goals of Change Finance’s initiative. 


The concerted, intensive public relations push secured 28 stories related to the ETF launch, including a feature article in Financial Advisor Magazinee on launch day, a TV appearance, and numerous mentions in top tier financial outlets, ETF trades, and ESG-focused publications. As of 1/25/23, CHGX boasts $113.9 million in assets under management.

Change Finance’s subsequent pay equity initiative garnered widespread media attention, including a CNBC Asia appearance for Dorrit Lowsen, President and COO of Change Finance, and mentions in ESG-oriented publications.