Arro Named Best US Public Relations and Communications Firm by ETF Express


BlueStar Global Investors


As a provider of niche indexes tracking Israeli equities, BlueStar’s (now MarketVector) overarching goal was to raise awareness among investors about its broader investment theme as well as the funds themselves. Thanks to the funds’ relative newness, low AUM, and hyper-targeted nature, BlueStar indexes found it challenging to get mentioned in the press.


Arro set out to leverage BlueStar’s deep knowledge regarding the Middle East and the booming Israeli tech sector (often referred to as Silicon Wadi), to position the firm’s spokespeople as go-to experts on investing in Israel. By focusing on timely tech-centric and geopolitical stories Arro was able to break through on several fronts, including a feature article in MarketWatch, media appearances on CNBC Asia, i24News, BNN, and Bloomberg Radio.

Arro also focused on positioning BlueStar as advocates for investing in Israel. To accomplish this, we focused on Jewish publications throughout the United States, with philanthropic or mission-based angles that helped make the investment case in Israel.


Since the beginning of our media campaign, BlueStar-powered ETFs (ITEQ and ISRA) have seen AUM grow to $175.9 million as of 1/25/23. BlueStar’s spokespeople have become credible sources for reporters immersed in the Israeli tech world, as well as those who follow financial developments in the Middle East more broadly.