WallachBeth had been a leading institutional agency broker for many years when they first contracted with Arro. Their goal was to broaden their media footprint with top institutionally-focused financial publications, and gain greater visibility for the firm. 


Arro set about establishing various spokespeople as experts in their respective niches, including ETF liquidity, macro strategy, algorithmic trading, and insurance. By tapping into the firm’s deep knowledge base and expertise, Arro was able to quickly boost WallachBeth’s profile in the financial news media, including regular mentions in top tier publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Bloomberg, the Financial Times, and CNBC. 


In a matter of months, WallachBeth spokespeople quickly became go-to sources for financial journalists. Numerous quotes and features boosted the firm’s profile as a whole, while carefully targeted appearances in select institutionally-focused publications enhanced WallachBeth’s stature, particularly with their target audience: institutional investors.