Arro Named Best US Public Relations and Communications Firm by ETF Express


Morgan Creek Capital Management


Morgan Creek Capital Management is a well-known investment firm with decades of experience. As a newcomer to the ETF industry, Morgan Creek wanted to raise awareness about its first actively managed fund, the Morgan Creek - EXOS SPAC Strategy ETF, the first ETF to focus solely on investments in pre- and post-merger special acquisition companies (SPACs). Morgan Creek aimed to harness the previous media and PR experience of its spokesperson, CEO and CIO Mark Yusko, as well as draw attention to this broader, disruptive investment theme.


Arro wanted to leverage Morgan Creek’s thorough knowledge of the wider SPAC phenomenon and position the firm’s spokesperson as a go-to expert in the space. By focusing on the timeliness of the fund’s launch and coverage of SPACs in the newscycle, Arro was able to secure media placements in a variety of top-tier news outlets, television programs, podcasts and magazines.


Arro’s concerted media efforts resulted in numerous TV appearances (CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business), as well as weekly mentions in leading publications including Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, CNN, Business Insider, and more. As of 8/12/22, the Morgan Creek - EXOS SPAC Strategy ETFs (Ticker: SPXZ) has grown to $6.3 million in AUM.