Arro Named Best US Public Relations and Communications Firm by ETF Express




Microsectors, a specialized fund issuer associated with RexShares, planned to launch two new cannabis ETNs: MJO, a 2x long Cannabis ETN, and MJJ, a 1x long Cannabis ETN. The firm needed to maximize media exposure to draw up investor interest, while clearly communicating the complex products’ core value propositions. Following the launch, Microsectors sought to boost the visibility of its entire line of products, which included complex, thematic leveraged ETNs centered around Big Oil companies, Big Banks, and FANG. 


Arro conducted a top-to-bottom messaging process to identify MJJ and MJO’s core value propositions and anticipate difficult questions from the media. Arro also put together a complete go-to launch media strategy tailored to MJJ and MJO’s target audiences. In subsequent media campaigns, Arro also helped connect Microsectors spokespeople with journalists throughout the thematic ETF universe. On the content side, Arro produced a number of investor-focused comparative infographics, highlighting the differences between Microsectors’ products’ indexes and the indexes of their competitor products. 


Arro’s media blitz and careful messaging resulted in an avalanche of press coverage. The MJJ and MJO ETN launches featured in 25 articles in ETF trade publications as well as prestigious financial outlets including Bloomberg, Business Insider, and MarketWatch. The subsequent PR campaign has helped draw increased investor interest towards the firm’s entire products suite, which has been upsized several times. As of 1/25/23, the MJO & MJJ ETNs have garnered approximately $59.4 million in assets under management.