Targeted Musings on Financial Marketing

Where Bite-Sized Content is King, The Interactive Infographic Reigns Supreme

31 May 2023

The goal of an interactive infographic is to condense complex data or information into an easy-to-digest visual that engages viewers. It incorporates elements of interactivity, such as animation effects triggered by the reader clicking and scrolling and can help tell a story in a more imaginative and engaging way. 

Interactive infographics are a breath of fresh air in our information-overloaded era, because they offer a new way to consume content online. Here are the most compelling reasons to feature interactive infographics in your creative strategy.

Grab Your Viewers’ Attention!

On websites and social media alike, animations and scroll-over elements are a great way to grab readers´ attention and quickly tell a story. They also give the reader a role in the way the information is presented to them. 

Be Memorable!  

Interactive infographics give the viewer autonomy over their interaction with your content. Compared to passive content which is just ´hearing´ or ´seeing´, interactive infographics invite the reader to hear, see and DO. Studies show that 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual.1 In other words, as much as well-written content is efficient in attracting a lead, the interactive graphic enhances the transmission and retention of your message.

Get Found!  

Studies show that infographics are among the most effective ways to capitalize on SEO and generate links.2 Interactive infographics can have even higher link-generating potential because they are more engaging than static infographics.

Assert Your Credibility! 

With so much content available online, it is essential to pass credibility to your reader. Using data to tell a story or prove your theory is a great way to accomplish this.  

Bottom Line 

If you want to tell a good story and have the data to support it, interactive infographics are a fantastic mode of conveyance. They a low cost-high impact approach that offers enhanced audience engagement and improved information retention that earns and leads and conversions.3 

For an example of interactive infographics on a website, check out Arro’s fictitious exchange traded fund, BEER.  Warning:  you may become compelled to invest in an ETF that does not yet exist.