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Spam Trigger Words to Avoid in Your Client Outreach

04 Nov 2021

Whether you’re in public relations, marketing, financial services, or anyone else taking advantage of email marketing, the last thing you want is for your email outreach to miss your recipient’s inbox. The sole purpose of email marketing for banks and financial services firms is to reach prospective customers, stay top of mind, and nurture them to boost up sales. It is really detrimental to businesses when their emails are not reaching their target audience.

Spam words are the reason why some or all of your email messages may end up in the spam folder. Smart algorithms are used by spam detection methods to track everything about you as a sender and your message as an email content, including SMTP server information, domain information, links and photos in your emails, recipients, and more.

What causes emails to go to spam?

Spam filters might be triggered by certain words or phrases. This is only one of many reasons why your email could end up in spam.

Let’s take a deeper look at this, as well as some other typical blunders that could lead to your emails being filtered as spam.

Your emails can get sent to spam if you:

  • Don’t include an unsubscribe button in your email
  • Send poorly-designed emails with broken or glitchy code
  • Don’t personalize your emails with the recipient’s first name and use “Friend” or “Dear”
  • Buy email lists online and mass-email to addresses that don’t exist (resulting in a high bounce rate)
  • Use all-caps text and extraneous punctuation (!!!!! or ?????)
  • Include strangely formatted fonts
  • Provide links to fraudulent websites

Email providers only want to deliver emails from high-reputation senders. You can get away with utilizing “traditional” email spam words in your subject line and email if you match these conditions. The language around the spam term, as well as your history as an email sender, are both important. If your email provider has no reason to distrust you, they won’t.

See the top words and phrases to avoid below:

Marketing Numbers Financial – Personal Financial – Business Employment Financial – General
Bulk #1 Avoid Bankruptcy Accept credit cards Additional income $$$
Email 100% Calling creditors Check or money order Double your Bargain
Click 100% satisfied Consolidate debt and credit Explode your business Earn $/extra cash/per week Beneficiary
Click below 4U Eliminate bad credit Investment decision Extra income Best Price
Click here 50% off Financially independent No credit check Home based Big Bucks
Direct email Billion Get paid No Hidden costs Make $/money Cash
Direct marketing Billion dollars Lower interest rates No investment Opportunity Cent on the dollar
Subscribe Join millions Lower your mortgage rate Requires initial investment Potential earnings Cheap
Increase your sales/traffic Join millions of americans Lowest insurance rates Sent in compliance Work from home Claim
Internet marketing Million Refinance home Stock Alert Unsecured debt/credit
Thousands Social security number Stock disclaimer alert Pure Profit
Financial freedom Act now! Stock pick Save $
Apply now. Investments
Million dollars
Easy terms
Hidden assets
Serious/Fast cash
Money back
No costs

The next time you start writing an email blast, we hope this piece of content will be very useful and prevent the common pitfalls seen with email marketing campaigns.You can get through spam filters if you follow email marketing best practices and use spam trigger terms in context. Spam filters have evolved significantly in recent years. Using a couple of phrases won’t hurt, but make sure you’re only emailing clients who want to hear from you and that your emails are always personalized.