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Podcast Feature: Alexandra Levis on Exchange Traded People

24 May 2024

President and Founder Alexandra Levis appeared as a guest on Mike O´Riordan´s Exchange Traded People podcast. Mike and Alex discuss why taking a call from a headhunter led to her start in ETFs, why coming from a family of entrepreneurs drove her to starting her own firm and why being a perfectionist is a burden she somehow has to bear.

On the podcast, Alex delves into the organic journey of her entrepreneurial career, emphasizing the long game of public relations and business growth. She reflects on the challenges she faced, particularly the importance of hiring reliable people. While fortunate to have encountered few significant roadblocks, Alex attributes her resilience and drive to her family’s high expectations and the inspiration she draws from her children, which helps her prioritize effectively.

She shares valuable advice, urging her younger self to trust her intuition more and avoid over-preparing. Additionally, Alex recommends using tools like Google Alerts to stay updated on industry-specific trends and developments, highlighting their utility for entrepreneurs.