Targeted Musings on Financial Marketing

Communicating with Intimacy and Empathy in the Era of Social Distancing

01 Jun 2020

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has presented marketers with twin challenges, which may be recast as opportunities. On the one hand, many people, including business leaders, feel powerless to do anything to help, leading to frustration and even depression. Additionally, as a society we are experiencing a true crisis of human connection. More than ever, our friends, colleagues, and loved ones crave human connection as they shelter at home and avoid social interaction. This is where communicating with intimacy and empathy really shines.

Throughout the life of a business, colleagues, vendors, and clients often form close connections over the years, they may even become close friendships. In these difficult times, taking a more intimate approach by expressing empathy, sharing some emotional details, and bonding over the phone can help strengthen and reinforce professional ties while also emphasizing a personal connection.


Lean into Empathy

This exercise may prove uncomfortable—it demands a certain level of vulnerability that in ordinary times may be unusual, but which in these unprecedented times has become essential. By showing empathy and connecting on a more personal level, you have an opportunity to demonstrate and communicate your values to clients, colleagues, and vendors, while also boosting your own emotional wellbeing.

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Although this is second nature to many people, we’re all feeling a little off balance these days, so it’s important to remember to lead off many conversations, even if they are strictly of a business nature, by expressing care. It can be as simple as saying “I hope you’re well” or more personal, expressing hopes that the person you’re speaking with is safe and healthy.


Reinforce Relationships

While personal interactions, whether through phone or video chat, are crucial empathetic communications, many asset managers are re-examining their outreach to investors as well, seeking to establish themselves as a trusted voice that understands the seriousness of the crisis we’re currently faced with. This can be in the form of a simple blog post discussing changes that have been made to service offerings, or it can be a more robust investor education campaign, such as an infographic, whitepaper, or animated video that reminds business partners and investors how important their relationship is to the company, and reiterates your commitment to providing the services and products they value.


The bottom line

At this early stage, no one knows exactly how this unprecedented global pandemic will end. What we do know is that, even as we’re remaining physically isolated from one another, intimacy and empathy in our communications with our clients, colleagues, and loved ones is more important than ever before. Stay safe and healthy out there!