Targeted Musings on Financial Marketing

Arro Founder & CEO Alexandra Levis Featured on Financial Marketing Podcast

31 Jan 2019

That name looks familiar! Arro’s very own Alexandra Levis was interviewed in the inaugural episode of Traction House’s new podcast. Chadd Weston, co-founder of financial marketing firm Traction House, conducted a lively conversation with Alex that ranged over a wide variety of important topics in the ETF marketing space, including:

  • What inspired Alex to break away and start her own firm (Arro)
  • The current state of affairs in the ETF marketing space
  • The challenges facing new ETF issuers as they look to enter the space
  • What new entrants need to think about to take on the big incumbent ETF issuers
  • The value and usefulness of content generation efforts for ETF issuers
  • What ETF marketers need to do to faithfully convey an ETF’s value proposition to prospective investors
  • The “must-haves” when it comes to digital collateral for ETF issuers
  • The ETF launch roadmap: timelines for content creation and strategies for leveraging already-existing collateral
  • The Arro approach to working through compliance requirements, and where compliance fits into content-production timelines
  • Marketing Return-on-Investment (ROI): how to measure marketing success in an AUM-focused world
  • The key ingredients for growing ETF AUM in 2019
  • How to leverage marketing data to move prospective investors down the sales funnel
  • …and much more!


You can listen to the whole interview here: